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Development of products that physically interact with the human body takes special care because the human body is a highly advanced product itself that cannot be approached in a classic technological way. I believe that fitting products to the human body is a great opportunity for real product innovation.

We all own the most advanced product in the world... ...the human body


Fitting a products’ technology to the human body needs to be involved from the very first idea until it is available on the market. This integral approach is key in ensuring the right fit is maintained throughout all stage as the product development and market introduction. Understanding the differnece between technology and the human body is not understood by technicians while medical people can not always understand technical possibilities. Understanding the possibilities and impossibilities of both these ‘worlds’ reveals the opportunity for breakthrough solutions that ultimately fit the users’ needs. For success alignment of all available resources is needed to create (new)business.


I work in multidisciplinary teams on the development and market introduction of products. Though the type of products I work on is various, the roots of them all lie in the right fit between the physical human-product interaction. In contradiction to a classic product development approach the key benefits that drive the products innovation are derived from extensive user research and knowledge of the physical interaction between human and product. For me innovation is an ultimate fit between users and technology.

Basketball Wheelchair

With a large consortium of partners we developed the ultimate wheelchair for the National Paralympic wheelchair basketball team. As a top-six-ranked team the Dutch athletes did a wonderful job in winning a bronze medal on these chairs in London.

Custom Fitted

No need for aftermarket adjustments, the right material on the right place. Custom fitted by translating expert insights into design relations based on:

  • Anthropometric Measures
  • Physical Challenge
  • Game Tactics

Faster wheels

The manoeuvrability of the cambered wheels regularly result in higher rolling resistance. The special designed rims offer the pro’s of a cambered wheel without increased rolling resistance. A special bag is available  for getting the wheels in optimal condition at the game.

See the Basketball Wheelchair in action.

Weightless Worker

A complete re-design of the weightless worker involved application of ‘perfect balance’ technology. With the use of the Weightless Worker the body of the surgeon is lifted, while no restrictions are added to the freedom of movement of the surgeon. Beside the functional improvements the product weight was reduced by 60% and the production cost were reduced with over 30%.

Perfect balance

Supporting a surgeons body during extensive operations is more than welcome. In contradiction to other products the re-designed weightless worker easily allows the surgeon to vary poses. This results in a more natural and comfortable support; weightlessness.



Tire Brush

Ontwerp van een gadget dat als promotie materiaal kan worden gebruikt. Een simpele bediening, een spraakmakend reclame middel en functionaliteit zijn gecombineerd in één concept ontwerp.

Even de voeten vegen voor je binnen gaat, een handeling waar men nauwelijks bij nagedenkt. De banden van een rolstoel gebruiker even schoonmaken voor binnen komst is een stuk omslachtiger.

Met behulp van de Tire Brush kunnen de banden worden schoon geveegd en sporen voorkomen. De Tire Brush wordt op de Rem van de rolstoel geplaatst zonder de rem functie te hinderen. Om de banden schoon te vegen kan de Tire Brush met de hand worden om geklapt. Door een stukje te rijden worden de banden schoon geveegd.

Tire brush Concept ActiveTire brush Concept Inactive

Tire brush Concept

De ellipsvormige opening kan over bijna elke type rolstoel rem worden geschoven. Door met de vingers de ellipsvorm samen te knijpen is montage eenvoudig.

Skil Hammerhead

Skil is known all over the world for its power-tools. In order to expand their product portfolio the company was searching for a product in a new market.

The target was to develop a concept design of a power-tool that can be used to remove ice of a cars’ windscreen.

The Hammerhead is the outcome of a brought design process. In the process many different fields of expertise were mixed in order to meet all requirements.

Skil was offered a marketable concept design of an electrical power-tool to remove ice. The concept design was complemented with a fully featured working prototype.





The Etray is a top level serving tray for the professional user. The special patented shape offers the user more freedome of movement. The Ergo-Tray is a good example of a fresh and functional re-design of a product that hasn’t changed for decades. A critical look at the basic functionality resulted in an innovative and marketable product.


Early promotion video of the E-Tray




See the AquaBrush in action.

More info on AquaBrush:

A wide exploration and a radical design approach on glass cleaning products resulted in a design proposal. With the design proposal accomplied with a working prototype I convinced the company directors to continue the development process and get the ‘AquaBrush’ to the market.

  • Basketball Wheelchair

    Basketball Wheelchair

  • Weightless Worker

    Weightless Worker

  • Tire Brush

    Tire Brush

  • Skil Hammerhead

    Skil Hammerhead

  • Etray


  • AquaBrush